Mezzanine Guides

Mezzanine Design Guidelines (View / Download)


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  • STM32 Sensor mezzanine board
    • The STM32 Sensor board is a 96Boards mezzanine board based around the STM32F446 MCU
  • Linker mezzanine card starter kit
    • 96Boards starter kit with Linker mezzanine card and loft modules
  • 96Boards UART Serial Adapter
    • USB to UART interface to be used with any 96Boards Consumer or Enterprise Edition board
  • Sensors mezzanine
    • I/O Expansion board for IoT/Sensor applications, with SoC and Arduino-compatible Grove module interfaces, and Arduino-compatible shield connectors.
  • Aero Core 2
    • The Aero Core 2 for 96Boards provides an ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller for MAV control and much more…